Andromeda has signed a management deal with the Swedish company Roasting House! | 20.12.2004.
Johan says: "The guys at Roasting House are really nice and very serious about what they do. They like our music and believe in us - we´re really happy that we´ve signed with them!" Read more at:
Johan joins Skyfire for mini tour | 14.11.2004.
Johan is joining Skyfire for a mini-tour in Spain. Skyfire is supporting Dark Moor on the 26th of November in Madrid and the day after in Bilbao. Read more at the Skyfre homepage:
"Extension of the wish" to be re-released! | 25.10.2004.
The re-release of "Extension of the wish" with vocals by David, a new mix and two bonus tracks, previously only released in France by NTS - will be released in the rest of Europe on the 15th of November by New Hawen/Century Media.The title of the re-release is "Final Extension (Re-Release of "Extension Of The Wish")".
Remaining songs soon to be recorded | 05.09.2004.
In a couple of weeks Andromeda will start recording the remaing five songs of their forthcoming so far untitled third album. The band is currently negotiating with a few labels.
Four songs recorded! | 24.05.2004.
Four songs are recorded for the new album. They sound awsome. We can´t wait for you guys to hear it! Four or five more will be recorded during the summer.
Recording has started | 13.03.2004.
As we all espected Andromeda has started recording their third album. This happened in last few weeks. It's still unknown how long will this take... I just can't wait to hear what band has to offer with their new work... Can you? I think that this waiting will pay off when new album is released!
ANDROMEDA III | 27.09.2003.

Currently the band is writing material for their third album. Recordings are not yet scheduled. New bassplayer Fabian Gustavsson says Hi to all Andromeda fans and is looking forward to meeting some of them at the ProgPower Festival. So see you at ProgPower.

Live show at ProgPower festival | 21.09.2003.
Andromeda is going to play on ProgPower Europe 2003 festival in The Netherlands [at JC Sjiwa in Baarlo(L)], close to the German border near Dusseldorf and Oberhausen... Exact date is 5th of October, so don't miss it! Band is playing on the second day of festival.You can see further informations and buy your tickets on ProgPower Europe 2003 website. So see you at ProgPower, it's gonna be one hell of a party!
Andromeda has a new bass player! | 06.08.2003.

There were some changes in Andromeda and new bass player has joined in the band. His name is Fabian Gustavsson and he is permanent replacement for Jakob Tanentsapf. Fabian is now rehearsing with the band. More information about him and pictures will be updated soon, so be patient.

Andromeda at Progpower | 18.06.2003.

Andromeda will preform live at the Progpower Festival the 5th of October.