Instructional clips coming up | 09.05.2003.

Johan is currently working on some instructional video-clips that will be available at in a few weeks.

Run to the store! | 24.03.2003.

Today, II=I was finaly relelased in Europe under licence of Century Media. We will update the Links section with lots of new reviews and interviews as they come to our notice. If you speak spanish, go and check out the new official spanish Andromeda site:

Spanish Andromedaonline | 27.02.2003.
There is currantly being built a brand new Andromeda site for the Spanish speaking fans. Check back for updates, we will keep you posted as soon as it gets up and running.
New bassplayer presented | 17.02.2003.

In the Band section you can find info on Andromedas newest member, bassplayer Jakob Tanentsapf.

Andromeda as cartoons | 20.01.2003.

Fyre Productions is working on a Progmetal comic book featuring storylines with bands such as Spock´s Beard, Marillion, Planet X amongst others. Andromeda will also be a part of this project which will be out sometime during the spring of 2003.

Release dates for II=I | 10.01.2003.
II=I will be released in North America on March 11th (Century Media), Europe March 24th (New Hawen Records/Century Media). Korea will see the album already in February. Japan was first to hear it, already in November 2002 it hit the shelfes. Have patience!
II=I | 29.11.2002.
Eight days ago, November 21st, the new Andromeda album called "II=I" went on sale in Japan. It will be released outside Japan in Jan/Feb 2003, have patience! In the meantime you can enjoy some brand newexcerpts in the Mp3 section.
Four-piece? | 22.11.2002.
As you might have seen on the promotional pictures there is one man missing. Bass player Gert has left the band and his replacement will soon be presented here. On "Two Is One", the new album, Johan has handled all bass duties with skill and excellence
Denmark Rock Festival | 07.10.2001.
Andromeda will be a part of the Denmark Rock Festival at The Rock in Copenhagen on the 7th of October. More info: